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Project details

59K shuttle tanker

Tanker & marine ventilation
2017/05/05 18:14

59K shuttle cruise ship
Shipowners: sells only J.LAURITREN
Product Description:
"Laurieson" round for the maritime double-shell shuttle with you, COSCO Shipyard designed and developed 59,000 tons of cruise ship, with two ways to pass the full rotary propeller and a shaft propeller , And with the first equipment re-system captain 207 meters, 32.3 meters wide, 19.5 meters deep, auxiliary power 9480KW, design speed of 13.9 knots.
"Laurence" No. 1 started on November 2, 2009, "Laurence" No. 2 in 2010 7 also started, the current construction project is proceeding smoothly.
The ship was built by Nantong COSCO Shipping.

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