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Dalian Blazers - Deep Sea Drilling Ship

Tanker & marine ventilation
2017/05/05 18:24

Dalian Blazers - Deep Sea Drilling Ship
Product Description:
"Dalian pioneer" good deep sea drilling ship is the first shipbuilding company in China to build the first package of marine drilling vessels, is by far the world's largest drilling vessel built, the construction contract amount of 560 million US dollars, the whole ship about 290 meters , The width of 50 meters, reserves of 100 million barrels of crude oil, working depth of 3050 meters, drilling capacity of 12000 meters, oil drilling, oil storage and handling and other functions in one, put on the world's most advanced DP-3 Put the power positioning system, can be any need for deep sea drilling vessel under the conditions of use.
The contract for the construction of the ship was in force in July 2010. "Dalian Blazers" to undertake the construction, in one fell swoop to fill China's marine equipment manufacturing industry in the field of drilling shipbuilding technology gaps, a large number of long-term foreign companies monopolize the world drilling market situation.
The ship started on August 22, 2010, by Dalian COSCO Shipping contract.

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