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The air blower is the end device of the air conditioning and ventilation system. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation, low noise, convenient adjustment a
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The air blower is the end device of the air conditioning and ventilation system. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation, low noise, convenient adjustment and so on. But also an important part of the air conditioning system. The air blower is suitable for all kinds of airports such as offices, conference rooms, living rooms, restaurants and so on. It can also be used as the end device of air conditioning system such as hotel, hospital, city hall and so on.
Trillion and the cloth wind machine is generally divided into: non-heating and heating type, a total of 20 models.
Trillion and heating type wind blower: there are 25 and 35 two, the power is divided into: 800W and 1200W.
The air blower has a disc outlet and a spherical outlet. There are two kinds of single and double pipe.
The wind blower is mainly composed of three parts: the main body, the external tube, the tuyere (disc type tuyere, spherical outlet) three kinds.
Main body: made of galvanized thin steel plate, the internal coating of fire-proof glass wool as a sound-absorbing insulation materials. With a primary air flow limit and the second air volume adjustment two functions. Once the air flow limit can balance the wind blower air volume, the second air volume adjustment knob is for the use of personnel to manually adjust the air volume and set.
Outside the tube:
Disc-type outlet without external tube, spherical outlet (through the external tube, adjustable external tube) two. The air outlet is made of aluminum alloy or thin steel plate. After the compression molding, the internal sound absorbing material is used to reduce the airflow noise. There is also one air volume adjustment external device, which can be rotated 90 degrees to turn on and off. Spherical cloth fan outlet with stainless steel compression molding after the external polished, the outlet with two adjustable throttle, the outer body can rotate 360 ​​degrees, the axis of the swing angle of 90 degrees.
Ball-shaped outlet according to the outlet diameter can be divided into: diameter 75 and diameter 100 two.
Diameter 75: for type 25 wind blower. Diameter 100: for type 35 wind blower.
Installation is divided into: installation bracket support fixed (cloth fan accessories) and angle steel lifting, according to the requirements of customers to install positioning.
Double into the wind the same into the air diameter, the installation does not need to consider whether the hot and cold air is reversed, after the installation of the main body, according to the cloth fan actuator hot and cold air signs, adjust the direction of the outlet can be.
Mega and wind blower features
Into the wind shunt institutions: trillion and cloth winders with air into the shunt mechanism, the unique design of the Division I wind blower products noise reduction in the range of 16 ~ 26dB, reached the international advanced level;
Material: The shell is made of galvanized steel sheet, corrosion resistance of galvanized sheet, high temperature oxidation resistance, weldability, incision protection, anode protection and other characteristics are much higher than the galvanized sheet; Fireproof moisture glass wool as a sound insulation material, silencing effect greatly than ordinary materials, is commonly used in Europe, the silencer materials; use of tasteless, harmless glue fixed silencer materials, a third party environmental certification;
Shell combination: the combination of the use of cloth in the shell of the use of the flip side of the way, the product to meet the performance requirements of the case, the weight is light and very beautiful;
Arc: crimping crimping ring. Better to ensure that the arc and the outlet (external tube) to connect the seal;
Heating control: the use of automatic thermostat and manual thermostat in series to control the heating tube temperature, manual thermostat in the power state, automatic thermostat bad or damaged, the manual thermostat will play Overload protection function.
Internal structure: 25 type with a single, double into the wind, into the wind on both sides of the diversion; 35 with a single, double into the wind, into the wind up and down diversion.
Five regulators:
There are five kinds of internal actuators of the air blower (one adjustment), each of which has a corresponding matching adjustment mechanism, the body adjustment is very convenient, just turn the slide 90 degrees can be. Adjust the body also has a fine-tuning and self-locking function, even if the product under a certain destructive interference, but also by fine-tuning to achieve the desired adjustment accuracy.
Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅴ type institutions: for a single inlet air blower. Ⅲ, Ⅳ type institutions: for double into the wind blower.
Type Ⅰ institutions: flexible adjustment, adjust the angle is relatively small. Applicable to the length of the putter.
Type II mechanism: the adjustment angle is large, can adjust the valve plate travel distance. Applicable to the length and angle of the larger putter.
Type Ⅲ mechanism: the use of two types of institutions independent adjustment, adjust the angle range.
Ⅳ type institutions: Ⅰ type and Ⅱ type of institutions connected to the interaction, will make the two long-term in a closed state.
Ⅴ type institutions: no angle adjustment ability, strong ability to push the rod. Applicable to the small stroke of the putter, high sealing requirements of the wind blower.

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