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SuZhou Zhaohe Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a set of ventilation system design, production, installation, commissioning as one of the professional enterprises. In the field of metal ventilation pipe manufacturing, trillion and ventilation has been in the industry-leading level.
At present, the trillion and ventilation each year can produce rectangular duct 10 million square meters, spiral duct 4 million meters, 3.5 million pieces of pipe.
Trillion and ventilation with the industry's most advanced production equipment and production processes.
Most of the company's equipment for imports, with Switzerland's full set of spiral pipe machine, South Korea's straight seam welding machine, Switzerland's elbow sewing machine, Germany's TOX machine, Sweden's tensile press, Korea TDF duct automatic production lines and other industries the most advanced equipment to ensure that the trillion and ventilation products of advanced nature.
The company established a sound quality management system, access to ISO9001 international quality system certification. The use of IT means, scientific information system for product management and tracking, all-round guarantee of product quality. The company's core products spiral duct system far more than the national standard, quality and technology to meet the requirements of the European <DW144>, the system in Europe <DW143> testing standards, the sealing performance exceeds the highest standard D level.
Professional, reliable, trillion and with excellent products to win customers, with a full range of services to customer satisfaction.



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