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Project details

Windmill installation boat

Fresh air system
2017/05/05 18:25

"Determined number" series of windmill installation ship
Good East: Netherlands VROON company
Product Description:
"Determined number" series of wind power installation ship is mainly used for offshore wind
Power installation facilities and maintenance, and can use the wind power to the windmill
Structure from land to sea to the location of the installation, floating from the sea
The state pushed up completely out of the sea, the use of the crane on the ship for the windmill
Structure of the installation. The ship itself is a jack-up platform construction, pile form
For the sowing and selling hydraulic cylinder lifting device, the core of the project difficulties
Construction of pile piles.
"Determination" series of wind power installation ship ship "adventure" in the
Started in April 2009, delivered on March 2, 2011;
The ship started in December 2009, the head of money has entered the finishing stage.


"Dong Anji" self-raised A2SEA A / S company
Product Description:
"Antoni" windmill installation captain 132.34 meters, 39 meters wide, 9 meters deep, operating depth of 45 meters, with 5 deck grams hanging. The ship for the latest generation of offshore wind power dedicated installation boat, the performance is very prominent. Into the DNV classification society, designed to meet the requirements of DNV classification societies and Danish maritime standards, equipped with DP-2 dynamic positioning system and the pile hydraulic lifting system, as the future of Europe's offshore wind power project, the market prospect is very broad.
"Dong Anji" windmill installation and construction project is a total package project, by the Nantong COSCO Shipping full Duze the project design, procurement and construction tasks. At present, "Antoni" No. 1 ship has been on board.

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