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Project details

350K BBL FSO floating tanker

Tanker & marine ventilation
2017/05/05 18:17

350K BBL FSO floating tanker
The ship is a floating crude oil storage and handling unit, the production of crude oil through the submarine pipeline to the ship storage, installed at a speed of about 30000 ~ 60000 barrels per day. The oil collected from the seabed is conveyed to the tanker by means of an oil sprinkler. The design life of the ship is 20 years, can be fixed in the workplace 10 years step dock. The ship does not advance the system, can be in the service area 100 years of storm conditions continue to produce operations.
The ship is built by Zhongshan Yuan Shipping, Captain 186.00m, boat width 32.30m, type depth 18.39m, draft 13.00m, July 17, 2008, 350,000 bb1 FSO floating tanker - JVPC FSO "dawn MV17" wheel deliver.

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