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Project details

GM4000 semi - submersible drilling platform

Tanker & marine ventilation
2017/05/05 18:19

GM4000 semi - submersible drilling platform
Owner: Norway MARACC-Island offshore
Product Description: GM4000 project is COSCO Shipyard to undertake the first semi-submersible offshore drilling platform, COSCO COSCO Shipping commitment to the design, procurement, construction and commissioning, the platform is equipped with a three-stage power positioning system, Well, sea service in one, with multi-project independent innovation design, platform stability and strength in accordance with the harsh sea conditions designed to withstand the typhoon 300 years; use of high-powered propulsion and DP3 dynamic positioning system, the maximum operating depth of 3000 meters, Drilling depth of up to 11000 meters, built after the main used for the Norwegian North Sea is by drilling services.
The platform in the construction process up and down the hull to enhance the overall closure of the technical and technical difficulties in the country to become the first to become the first to use the lift tower to take shape of the semi-submersible platform, reducing the large number of construction hours and labor costs, while 9,000 tons of lifting weight also created a semi-submersible drilling offshore platform to enhance the weight of the new record.
The project is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2012.

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