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Project details

OCTABU0Y-octagonal platform

Tanker & marine ventilation
2017/05/05 18:22

Product Description:
"OCTABUOY" project is a conceptual project, belonging to FDPSO semi-submersible drilling production oil storage platform, octagonal floating body, 4 pillars, 2 riser platform, the maximum operating depth of 3000 meters. The whole ship adopts the fixed mooring fixed way, the upper block can realize the drilling, completion and workover function, equipped with complete oil and gas treatment production scale, can store 16 million barrels of oil. The platform started on August 26, 2008, COSCO Shipyard first built the second part of the project, that is, octagonal floating body, four columns, two riser platform and riser and column intermediate import structure details Design, processing design, materials (equipment) procurement, construction. Due to the excellent performance of Nantong COSCO Shipyard during the construction process, the shipowner handed over the upper section of the platform to COSCO Shipping. According to the contract, the platform will be delivered in the second quarter of 2013.

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